mageba around the world

Customer proximity via worldwide network

Around the world, over 50 qualified partner companies represent mageba and serve our customers in their local markets. These offer:

  • Customer proximity, and country-specific advice and support:

    • Based on comprehensive documentation (brochures, drawings, videos, etc.)

    • Training courses, seminars and customer events

    • Observance of standards, laws and regulations

  • Project-specific solutions and expert appraisals, particularly in relation to highly demanding projects

  • Prompt and competent submission of offers, including project concepts, plans, brochures, manuals, etc.

  • Efficient, professional and reliable order processing and project management

  • Expert direction and supervision of installation

  • Comprehensive servicing and maintenance of the complete product range

Would you be interested in becoming mageba’s agent in any country that is not yet covered?

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Close cooperation


mageba has developed and supported its worldwide network of agents and partners for decades