mageba’s Strategy and Mission Statement

We cover the needs of the global market for key components of bridges, buildings and related infrastructure. Our product areas include structural bearings, expansion joints, seismic protection, vibration isolation and structural monitoring. We shoulder great responsibility in our daily work with respect to our customers, colleagues and suppliers.

mageba Strategy


Quality and customer proximity

We offer high quality solutions and systems that are economical, technologically progressive and customer-orientated. In our work we use clear structures and precisely defined processes. Our achievement fulfils always the regulatory and official requirements.

Best qualified employees

We promote the professional and personal development of our employees in an ongoing, targeted manner and create, by encouraging active involvement, a constructive, tolerant and motivational working environment.

We expect our employees to be appropriately qualified and to be ready to take on responsibility. We are committed to offering attractive working conditions to our employees.

Management and technical competence

We are conscious of the fact that the success of the company rests decisively upon the efforts of fully committed, responsible people. For this reason, we demand from our managers a high level of commitment, their full identification with the company and a collaborative and target-oriented style of management.

Economy, ecology and social aspects

We act fairly and reasonably in all our relationships, and value long-lasting, cordial relationships with our partners. We are committed to caring for and preserving the environment in all of our activities.

We strive to earn a profit which will enable us to make necessary long-term investments and allow a commensurate return on invested capital. We pursue a dynamic yet solid growth strategy and thereby ensure the sustainable future existence of our company.



Modern office space at mageba Bulach

mageba Shanghai


mageba subsidiary in Shanghai

mageba Fussach


Top modern facility in Fussach, Austria

mageba India


2012: Another well-equipped factory in India

mageba Turkey


Well equipped mageba-factory in Instanbul since 2011