The Grand Lifting



Over half a meter lifting of the old Riddes bridge in Canton of Valais, Switzerland

In March 2017 mageba was part of a team of specialists who performed the extraordinary lifting of a historical bridge over the Rhône River in the commune of Riddes.

The requirements were immense as the lifting to be executed added up to a total height of 60 cm. This is absolutely spectacular compared to usual 5–10 mm liftings. The operation was carried out within three days, the lifting itself lasted one and a half day. The reasons which led to this project were the refurbishment and reinforcement of the abutments and the replacement of the old roller bearings with new linear bearings by mageba. Furthermore it had to be assured by these measures that the bridge remains in a final altitude above the 100-years flooding level.

On top of that, both existing expansion joints were replaced, too. On one side of the bridge the traffic now passes a TENSA-CRETE RE single gap joint whereas a POLYFLEX-ADVANCED PU flexible expansion joint guarantees a smooth passing on the other side.

Do not miss out on seeing the video footage provided by the Canton of Valais.

Watch the movie on our YouTube channel

Enjoy some pictures of this project

  • News-Riddes-Bridge-Wallis

    Riddes Bridge, Canton of Valais

  • News-Riddes-Bridge-hydraulic

    Below the bridge – during the lifting with hydraulic jacks

  • Riddes-Bridge-lifting-hydraulic-jack

    Impressive lifting height

  • News-Riddes-Bridge-lifted-bridge

    The Bridge was lifted by 60 cm

  • Riddes-Bridge-Bearing-installed

    The new bearings were installed at the levied bridge

  • Riddes-Bridge-linear-bearing-installed

    New linear bearing

  • Riddes-Bridge-installation-flexible-plug-expansion-joint-polyflex

    Pouring POLYFLEX material into the recess

  • Riddes-Bridge-installed-single-gap-joint-tensa-crete

    Completed single gap expansion joint of type TENSA-CRETE

  • Riddes-Bridge-final

    After all the work has been completed – looks like a new bridge