MEGAMAT vibration-damping matting, a high-quality mix of elastomer granules and fibres, possesses high compressibility and thus damps vibrations and structure-borne noise, efficiently and durably.


MEGAMAT is suitable for use in building construction and to support machinery, where pressures of between 0.002 und 2 N/mm2 arise. It enables natural frequencies as low as 6 Hz to be achieved. It is used in particular for:
- bearing of whole buildings or building parts
- rotary printing presses
- compressors
- air preparation facilities
- Power generators
- lathes, extruders/spraying machines
- printing presses
- compactors
- wood hammers
- cutting machines

Image gallery

  • MEGAMAT_img1

    Installation of MEGAMAT

  • MEGAMAT_img2

    MEGAMAT for support of machines