The LASTO-WALL C bearing was developed to efficiently block secondary noise transmission paths between brickwork walls and concrete slabs. In fulfilling this role, LASTO-WALL C does not reduce the load bearing capacity of the brickwork, which remains fully available, for example during an earthquake, without additional measures. The use of LASTO-WALL C can thus durably improve the quality of life of the building’s users.


Requirements for noise protection are specified by standards such as the Swiss norm SIA 181:2006. The minimum requirements can often not be achieved by standard construction methods. Where the requirements are particularly demanding, the use of wall bearings becomes unavoidable. The installation of LASTO-WALL C bearings under every wall efficiently blocks the secondary noise transmission paths in the vertical direction.
To block secondary noise transmission paths via pipework, mageba’s LASTO-ISOPIPE represents a technically excellent and affordable solution.

Image gallery

  • LASTO-WALL-C-img1

    LASTO-WALL C (in a roll)

  • LASTO-WALL-C-img2

    Installed beneath a cavity wall

  • LASTO-WALL-C-img3

    Testing at P + F Sursee (Switzerland)

  • LASTO-WALL-C-img4

    Tested brickwork specimen after the test